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A very smelly collection coming to streak up the blockchain | 3,333 Poopsy's | 0.009 Eth | Community Driven Project 

We all go through poop! No matter who you are or what you do in life. Poop happens. With a common point in life I created Pretty Poopsy. Here to turn poopy situations into happiness. Here to merge Web2 with Web3 with each mint you're investing into a business. After mint 50% of the revenue made from the company's products will be divided into 3,333 shares. 25% will go back into getting more products. More products will be coming and selling! It's ongoing! Own apart of the business. Let's build Poopsville from the ground up to the moon!

This collection has over 100 traits which are hand drawn. Collect a bounty* and receive a prize! More collections to come with more prizes and giveaways as we grow! Lets get smelly!


*Bounties will reveal and prize sent out IMMEDIATLY! We will reveal NFTs as they are minted. No wait to see what you minted. Good luck to all! 


Founder, artwork, discord, website, and contract done by Countriboi09 | Community managers ??? | Discord Mods and support members ??? | Much more to be voted on. We will be looking to fill some important roles for the project. Be on the lookout to claim your roles!


image0 (1).jpeg


What does my Pretty Poopsy get me?

Owning a Pretty Poopsy gives not only gets you a share of the company, but you also have access to a token gated Discord community, free merch, raffles for prizes, full IP rights, and much more to come!

Why Pretty Poopsy?

As we grow as a community my vision is onboarding likeminded individuals who finds joy in uplifting others as we all are going through something in life. Owning this art grants you rights to anything you can imagine! 

How much will mint price be?

Stanklist - 0.007 Public - 0.009 100 per wallet

When mint?

I'm aiming to mint before April 2023 but this could change, depending on the market conditions. Any change on this will be announced on the official twitter account.

When Discord?

The plan is opening the discord link to the server only after the mint, we would rather focus on Twitter marketing at the start of mint.

What is the utility?

Utility blah blah poop! Lets focus on building exposure for the project. With a high demand holders will be able to poop off of the demand creating its own utility. But if you read all of that, 25% of the mint will be set to the side to get Pretty Poopsy Wet Wipes in production. 50% of the profit from the wipes will go right back into the vault. (See below)

How will you maintain the floor?

Who's selling something that's making them money??  

Smart Contract Address


Pretty poopsy wet wipes

Once the project mints out our focus will remain on building a strong poopy community. On the other hand, we will focus on taking Pretty Poopsy Wet Wipes to the next level, getting them in a store near you! Taking 25% of the mint proceeds, we will take all steps required to deliver a reliable quality product. Once we launch PPWW, holders will receive one free credit to purchase 1 free pack of PPWW. We are going to add PPWW to the Pretty Poopsy community store as well for purchase. 

Flushable wipes that are plant-based nonwoven fibers that can break down in the sewer systems. 

Claim your free wipes here

Thanks for submitting!

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